Sidmouth Hospiscare
Caring for people with life threatening illnesses in the Sid Valley



Sidmouth Hospiscare Registered Charity Number 1153338

If you would like to join the fundraising team or help at an event please call the Volunteer Coordinator on 01395 577126.

Thank you for your support


Welcome & Information - Sidmouth Hospiscare

Do you want a WISH??  

We have created a WISH Day consisting of Presentations by trustees, staff and volunteers to give an insight into why people join the Charity and what it does. 

The next Wish event will be April 2018, details to follow.

If your organisation is interested in learning about the charity in this way please contact us. 

What's on?

Tuesday 17th April - Devon County Cricket Club are hosting a Charity Quiz night. Teams are made up of 6 - 8 people and entry is £7 per person to include a buffet. Proceeds collected on the night will be donated to Sidmouth Hospiscare. For more information contact Sidmouth Hospiscare.

Friday 13th April - The National Westminster Bank will be promoting the Devon County Cricket Club. There will be a cake Stall and funds will be collected in part for Sidmouth Hospiscare.

Saturday 12 May - Sidmouth Hospiscare Blue Day. Annual Street collection alongside our Bereavement Volunteer recruitment event. More details of this event will follow.

More events will be published here in the near future

This website is currently under development.

 Are you organising an event to help Sidmouth Hospiscare Trust?

Contact us for more details on how to be included on this website. 

Call the Office on 01395 578707

or Volunteer Coordinator on 01395 577126

Thank you!

We would sincerely like to thank all those involved in the fundraising for these most generous donations, which support our work.

Nigel Jones on behalf of the Devonshire Magazine - Thank you for the donation of £74.79 which was collected at a Home and Garden show at Westpoint Exhibition Centre.

Sidmouth Golf Ladies - Many thanks go to you for the sum of £153.20 which was the contents of your collecting tin.

Mrs GM Longmire - Thank you for the donation of a fantastic £1005.50 following an exhibition at Kennaway House 'In the Picture'.

Conservative Club Line Dancers- Following weekly raffles held in support of multiple charities we have been donated £500.00. With our sincere gratitude.

St Theresa's Short mat Bowls - very many thanks for the donation of £120.00 which was given following the Annual General Meeting.

Vinnicombes Bakery - Thank you for the return of yet another full collecting tin which contained £37.19.The collecting tin for April contained a further £32.77, very many thanks for continuously donating on a near monthly basis.

Lions Ladies (Flappers) - Thank you very much ladies for the fantastic donation of £400 which was raised from a cake stall and numerous Fund Raising Events.

Rotary Club - Thank you for your incredible donation of£3200 which were the proceeds from the 'Swimathon'.

Men's Forum - Thank you for the donation of the Speakers Fee. A sum of £35.00, and in addition a sum of £100, which was the returning collection for a presentation by Roger Horton.

Hazel Lilley and Friends -  We would like to say thank you to Hazel and friends after a collection was mad at a private party held by Hazel which resulted in a donation of £175.00 to Sidmouth Hospiscare. This was a lovely fundraising idea and we are very grateful

Sidmouth Parish Church - The collection at the Sidmouth Hospiscare Tree of Light Service totaled a fantastic £267.32. Many thanks.

Hillsdon Management /Harrison, Lavers and Potburys- Very many thanks for the donation of £71.00 which were the proceeds of a Christmas Card collection. We would also like to extend thanks on behalf of our Volunteers for the lovely hamper, which was shared among them.Your generosity is sincerely appreciated.